This page will give you a little taste of the different projects I've been working on. As you will see, there's a lot of mobile and web development, but I'm not scared to try something new! As a Software Engineer, I'm always adapting myself to different technologies and work methods to perform my tasks, and trying new things is something that really keeps me motivated! If you think we can work together, don't hesitate to contact me!

Floorfy - Fullstack Developer

Sep 2021 - Apr 2023

Helping real estate professionals accelerate the commercial transaction process by automatically creating 3D tours, floor plans and video calls for all real estate listings:

  • Architected and developed full fronted javascript migration using modular architecture under webpack, built with Docker.
  • Designed and developed new scalable NestJS (typescript) backend and CRUD API to handle 50 million requests/month and MongoDB queries. Deployed to AWS.
  • Implemented new main API endpoints using PHP Symfony, and TWIG technology.

Social Labs - Fullstack Developer

Oct 2020 - Jul 2021

With a team of 6 engineers, I worked on developing and improving the main company product, used by international clients, including Coca-Cola, Ab Inbev, Market Yastás, Grupo Bimbo and others.

  • Developed javascript and PHP Laravel web applications to enhance product functionality.
  • Created mobile apps using Cordova framework.
  • Developed native mobile plugins for Android (Java) and iOS (Objective C) to extend product reach.

DiHola - Fullstack Developer

Jun 2020 - Jul 2021

Single-handedly designed, developed, and successfully deployed SpidEat software platform:

  • Developed a React Native mobile application optimized for iOS and Android.
  • Designed and implemented a responsive web-based back office using React and MaterialUI.
  • Created NodeJS, Express and Mongo backend with REST API, and real-time DB capabilities, allowing for seamless data management and real-time updates.
  • Integrated Stripe for payment processing , AWS for image storage and geolocation services in mobile and web technologies.



Tinder-like application build with React Native to help with the process of pet adoption, making it easier and interactive. It features real time chat messages, client caching, admin control pannel, and multiple filtering features.


Pastanaga 2.0

With team of 3 computer science engineering students, we programmed a full geolocation based game for both, Android & iOS, using React Native and GraphQL backend in only 36 hours. This project was choosen one of the HackUPC 8 finalists , among other 200 projects presented in that event.


Other Work

UPC Multipaltform App

Driven by a challenge that IThinkUPC proposed during the Hackaton of the UPC 2018, we created a React Native App in only 36 hours for both, iOS and Android that displays different information about UPC university, including location, courses, transportation options, libraries, maps, events...


Together with 3 teammates from all over Europe, thanks to the Erasmus + EPIC initiative, we have worked with the German company Atene KOM to make calculating the life cycle emissions of products and services easier. The objective of the project is clear: to develop a system that facilitates and reduces the cost, both of time and money, of this complex calculation of emissions. This objective is materialized with an investigation of the state of the art and the problem, a design and complete specification of the software that solves the problem, and its implementation and deployment.

Ork island Ai player

C++ program that implements an Artificial Intelligence player for the OrkIsland game proposed by EDA, a UPC Computer engineer subject. It uses path finding algorithms to beat the other players in the ork island

Semi-automatic object segmentation

Using Computer Vision techniques, this Matlab program is able to semi-automatically segment an object from a reference image or follow an object moving through the frames of a video.